Casting Ireland

we create teams behind the scenes

As a sister company of The Production People, a female-led organisation focused on ‘Creating teams behind the scenes’ we share the same goal of connecting the most qualified professionals in Ireland to fulfilling projects in the TV, Film, and creative industries.

Who we are

Our team is comprised of people from different backgrounds, each the protagonist of their own story. This helps us to be one step ahead and prepared for whenever our clients have new needs to fulfil while offering emerging talents a helping hand to start their career in an industry that is starting to comprehend that anywhere in this world, diversity is power.

We are a truly equal opportunities agency.

Meet our dream team

Deirdre Ryan

Our Executive Director Deirdre Ryan has over 25 years’ experience in Broadcasting, Media and Executive Management. She provides our team with a strong focus on business objectives, and thanks to her exemplary career we have learnt how to create genuine and long-lasting connections with our Clients and Members.

Moreover, Deirdre is an experienced Broadcast Vision Mixer, playing an active hands-on role in live entertainment, music productions, and events. It is this in-depth knowledge of the media industry, in conjunction with her recruitment and business skills, that makes us go one step further to meet our Client’s needs. This is one of the many things that makes Casting Ireland unique.

Having a team leader that is methodic and strategic, but also empathetic and understanding, is what makes us one of Ireland’s most successful casting agencies. Under Deirdre’s visionary leadership, we will continue achieving many more business goals in the years to come!

Louise nolan

Our Managing Director, Louise Nolan, has been working in the Broadcasting and Media Industry for the past 35 years. This, combined with the past 20 years’ recruitment expertise, makes her a quite unique person within the industry, so we are quite fortunate to have her as one of our founders and leaders.

Louise’s expert knowledge and connections within the industry play a central part in our understanding of the casting needs in Ireland. She also helps us to forecast new or evolving trends within the industry. This is why we are always one step ahead for whenever our clients have new casting needs to fulfill.

Louise is a true ‘people person’ and she is able to recognise that to create a well-rounded team, the human skills are as important as the hard skills. That is why she created the fantastic team of experienced and kind individuals that comprises Casting Ireland.


Bianca originally comes from Mexico City, but we feel she has always belonged in Ireland. With vast experience in celebrity management, Bianca has worked with some of the most important Directors, Producers, and Casting Agents in the Americas. Back then, she was constantly looking for casting opportunities for top-tier actors and TV hosts in Mexico and the United States.

This experience - combined with her strong skills in marketing, PR, and corporate branding that she has built up through completing her MBA with a Minor in Marketing in Mexico, and Masters in Public Relations in TU Dublin - make her the ideal person to lead the strengthening of our digital presence, our internal and external communications, as well as our outbound sales.

Bianca is one of those people that takes an idea and turns it into a reality, so with her help we have been able to implement and update many of our internal processes, considerably improving our talent management and customer service standards. She helps us to get things done.

roisín mcardle

Our Casting Associate, Roisín McArdle, is a graduate from Communication Studies at DCU with a postgrad in Global Business, so if someone knows how to create successful and valuable business relationships it is definitely her!

Roisín is always looking for exciting job opportunities for all our Actors and Models and is a strong advocate for all the people that comprise our Talent pool. When casting a new project, she makes sure that all our proposals represent all the diversity that can be found in Ireland, as well as offer emerging talents a helping hand to start their careers in exciting projects.

Finding someone like her who is thorough, reliable, and versatile, as well as kind and thoughtful sometimes is a bit tricky, so we feel quite lucky to have Roisín on our team! We can’t wait to see all the amazing things we will achieve by her side.

Rachel Barrett

Our Production Manager, Rachel Barrett, was introduced to Casting Ireland when she started as an intern in 2018. With a degree in Film and Television Production freshly under her belt, she was eager to learn even more. As Rachel’s internship came to an end we just could not bear to let her go, and so we didn’t!

Rachel has grown with our company, and she is now in charge of sourcing and placing qualified professionals in diverse job vacancies within our industries. At our sister company The Production People, she has excelled at connecting the best people to the right projects in a timely and seamless manner.

As if all these skills and mastery were not enough, Rachel is also the person we all look for when we need a helping hand when things don’t go as planned. She always has a solution or an innovative idea to solve any kind of problem we might be facing inside and outside the office.

Holly Browne

Production Coordinator
Holly is the newest member of our team, and since she joined our sister company, The Production People, she has excelled at connecting the best people to the right projects in a timely and seamless manner.

With working experience in Ireland and Australia, Holly complements the skills of our team with her broad vision and different perspective to address any challenge! She is exactly the person you need on your side to help you with a tricky request to fill, or when we are looking for new ways to deliver even better results.

With a background in HR and Administration, Holly balances her hard skills with immense creativity, which allowed her to attain a Diploma in Theatrical and Media Make-up. There is nothing that she can’t do!